Discover Art by Kostiantyn Kalynovych

Discover Art by Kostiantyn Antiukhin

The project presents etching artworks by two outstanding Ukrainian modern engraving artists - Kostyantyn Antioukhin and Kostyantyn Kalinovych. Their names are widely famous in the circle of etching professionals and collectors. 

In their work, they not only continue the high traditions of academic realism and symbolism, but also reflect the stylistic features of their time, their national school.

These artists are also excellent illustrators, so each of their graphic pages is a completely fascinating story based on fictional, and non-fictional events and mythology.

The etching technique is characterized by precision and meticulous attention to detail. It involves using acid to selectively engrave a design onto a copper plate and then transferring that design onto paper through a printing press. 


About the artists:

Kostyantyn Antioukhin. Konstantin Antioukhin's fascination with the sensuality of the female form began in adolescence and has since become a recurring theme in his art, earning him recognition for his ability to capture its essence.

His creative practice is deeply personal, exploring narrative themes that resonate on a profound level. Some works are spontaneous, while others require meticulous preparation. Konstantin aims to transcend boundaries, not merely conveying a story but evoking emotions and leaving space for viewers to embark on their own emotional journeys. Over the past year, he has delved into Greek mythology, creating a series of works that explore the rich narratives and characters of this ancient realm.

Kostyantyn Kalinovych. Kostyantyn Kalinovych. Works in the fields of engraving (etching, woodcut), painting (watercolor, oil), book illustration. HI is an Associate of the Royal Society of Printer-Printmakers (September, 1992).

Love for the old masters, especially the Dutch school, can be traced in the works of this artist. His watercolors and etchings, continuing the traditions of the landscape genre, fill it with a new modern meaning - a little ironic, a little detached, with new characters and a narrative plot.

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