Artworks by Pomme de Boue

Artworks by Jordi Prat Pons

It's time to celebrate the return of the International Sustainable Art Festival of Catalonia DRAP ART FEST. With 27 years of history, another edition returns to Barcelona's Gothic Quarter!

Test Gallery presents the collaborative exhibition of Pomme de Boue from Ukraine and Jordi Prat Pons from Catalunya.

Jordi Prat Pons. He has always worked by recycling objects, he started with bottle labels and now he uses books that no one wants. He has mainly reused paper and has contributed without realizing it to recycling and awareness of the problems we generate on the planet. He mainly paints with paper, his palette is a mountain of papers from everywhere. Lately he has incorporated various objects he has found along the way such as sheets, plastics and the previously mentioned books.

Pomme de Boue, an anonymous Ukrainian street art group that has been around since 2018. They make mosaics from common ceramic tiles. In three years in Kyiv, the group has pasted about 300 mosaics on the walls of the city. Since June 2022, mosaics have appeared on the walls of Montpellier, Lyon, Paris and Matseille. The colors of the tiles are deafeningly bright and the compositions rigid and constructive. The group is considered a continuation of the Constructivists and Cubofuturists of the early 20th century. There are no right angles in the compositions, but many dynamic diagonals, triangles and stripes.

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