Artworks by Katya Lisova

Artworks by Svitlana Struk

The exhibition "Embroidered. Ukraine now", which presents the textile works by Ukrainian artists Svitlana Struk and Katya Lisova, will open at Barcelona’s Gallery of Ukrainian contemporary art, Test Gallery.

In this exposition, the works of two distinct artists converge to tell a powerful story of survival in wartime, grasping for art as salvation and for that which does not devolve during the surrounding chaos, uncertainty and fear.

Svitlana’s use of black velvet, which symbolizes the enraged russians and color threads like the symbol of the Ukrainian army triumph. She sees embroidery as a genuine expression amidst disbelief and media distortion, something more durable and trusty than any other art medium.

Meanwhile, Katya’s «Power of Memory» and “Dark times” series employ digital collage, intertwining current and historical photos of cities affected by war with ornamental elements from Ukrainian towels (rushnyk) and embroidery. The rushnyk and embroidery become a symbolic link between personal history, cultural memory, and the tragedies many Ukrainian regions endure.

On January 18 at 18.30, the show will officially open.

Address: Barcelona, Test Gallery, carrer Milans 3.

Duration: 18.01. – 17.02.2024

Contact:, Kateryna Pidhayna


About the artists:

Katya Lisova, the artist, was born in Kyiv and pursued studies in fashion design and embroidery. Later in her career, she transitioned into becoming an art historian at a gallery and a curator at one of the renowned auction houses. She also shares her expertise by teaching at an art institute and actively contributes to the study of Ukrainian art from the 1950s to the 1990s. Additionally, Katya is involved in the creation of the "Ukrainian Unofficial" archive.

“The Power of Memory” and The "Dark Times" appeared during the period of the invasion of Ukraine by russian troops and when russia was trying to plunge Ukraine into a total blackout.

Svitlana Struk was born in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. In 2010, she graduated from the easel painting department of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Svitlana's works - collages-sketches, "glued" from things surrounding the artist - are an excellent example of modern genre painting. Svitlana's paintings illustrated the condition of a young person experiencing loneliness in a post-Soviet city. After the start of a full-scale war unleashed by russia, the artist works purely in the embroidery technique.

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