Dora Lybak&Maria Vasylenko "GENESIS"

Artists Maria Vasylenko and Dora Lybak are interested in the topic of spirituality and explore it through a metaphysical and religious point of view.

Dora Lybak chooses biblical texts as the basis of her paintings. The series uses poems that metaphorically describe the spiritual through physical labor. Our whole life is an endless process of external and internal work, which ultimately bears fruit.

Maria Vasylenko suggests taking a walk on the border between the physical world and the world of ideas (eidos). Maria is interested in the phenomenon of consciousness as such. The artist uses reverse perspective, in which the point of convergence is on the viewer, so the conventional world emerges from the observer, as from a projector. Her work is also a personal story about the reconciliation of the physical and the spiritual, and the search for balance.

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