The exposition “Retorno” by Nicasio Torres

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Barcelona On March 23, 2024, an art exhibition by Nicasio Torres, one of the well-known artists from Las Palmas who lives and creates in Barcelona, will open at Barcelona's gallery of contemporary art, Test Gallery. “Retorno” is an introspective journey through time and the memories of the body. A journey in which, layer after layer, these memories are peeled off in a search to connect with the present. Faces that look at us while they fade away. Appearances that reveal a surface of textures and remind us of the traces left by the passage of water in the earth's crust. Feelings from the past that emerge and disappear like traces. The exhibition, made up of a series of drawings and paintings, tells us about change. It is an invitation to let go of everything that distances us from a happy state. A journey of self-knowledge to start again; in a different place and from a reconciliatory perspective. Return marks an end and a beginning, the transition of characters who inhabit that in pass, calmly observing how the illusory evaporates and gives way to the truth. A new future. A new spring. A return to love.

On March 23 at 18.30, the show will officially open. Those attending will have the chance to speak with the artist.

Address: Barcelona: carrer Milans 3.

Duration: 23.03. – 03.05.2024

Contact:, Kateryna Pidhayna _____________________________________________

About the artist: Nicasio Torres was born in Las Palmas. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2011) and in Civil Engineering from the University of Las Palmas (2002). Currently, he lives and works in Barcelona as an Illustrator and Drawing Professor. He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions, as well as different projects and commissions in the realms of Art, Design, and Fashion. Nicasio sees painting as a space for play, experimentation, and improvisation. It's a process he undertakes intuitively and viscerally, where each work is a challenge to be solved. His art reflects the tensions between the appearance of forms and the forces beneath them through a blurred, dynamic, and vibrant pictorial language. A subjective gaze that represents his sense of beauty.

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