The sensual exhibition The Body

Artworks by Ivan Pidhainyi

Artworks by Nicasio Torres

Artworks by Javier Garces

Artworks by Xavier Escala

Artworks by Nina Murashkina

Artworks by Andrii Babchinskyi

Artworks by Tetiana Cherevan

Paintings, sculptures and other art objects by Nicasio Torres, Javier Garces, Xavier Escala, Ivan Pidhainyi, Nina Murashkina, Andrii Babchinskyi, Tetiana Cherevan are displayed at the exhibition.

“The Body” project brings together the artists whose artworks are united by the eternal theme of the human body. The body can express emotion and the artist's vision of beauty, as in paintings by Nicasio Torres; or give the viewer an erotic mood, as in the etudes byAndriy Babchinsky; or reveal fantasies, as in the artworks by Nina Murashkina. Female sexuality is interpreted as a part of nature in art pieces by Javier Garces, and in the sculpture of Xavier Escala, the body becomes a precious container for the of person’s inner world. Exploring your's and your partner's body could be the way for self-understanding, as in Tetyana Cherevan's works. Technical accuracy and a deep understanding of the human body´s plasticity will make you fall in love with the art of Ivan Pidhainy.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have an opportunity to reflect on our wishes.Test Gallery invites you to explore various views on corporeality and to get inspired by the artistic vision of beauty, sensuality and eroticism.

Curator: Natalya Kostyrko


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