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Nina Murashkina "You are to good for me"

21% VAT included.
Ceramic vase, underglaze drawing
100 × 34 × 34 cm

‘You are too good for me’ explores dating and romance in the modern world. Murashkina examines how online apps have fast-tracked dating, sex and even marriage. The process of flirting has been reduced to clicking a few buttons and finding out the personalities and mystery of a person all in one profile. And how many people quickly give themselves away in hopes of a relationship?

The vase illustrates this topic in a playful and comical manner. Bizarre, half-naked characters stand in line waiting to meet the beautiful nymph, who is chastely covering herself with leaves. The company of men includes Bluebeard, a man with a rabbit’s head and another who hides his aggression behind a mask. They remark that she is ‘too good' for them, as they wait for the chance to lie with her. She wonders how she can choose someone from such a group of men and instead imagines Phyllis and Aristotle, who are depicted on the lid.

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